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A handy overview of a selection of horses and the particular conditions under which they excel (as well as conditions they are not as effective under).

Horses occasionally added to this section throughout the season so please keep a check on this page when visiting the site.

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NTF Trend Horses… 


FOX APPEAL (E Lavelle): Updated 05/09/15

Best form in fields of 13 or less – 51111322133415228 (Form in 14+ fields is 03905U)

At his best with cut in the ground – form on G/S or softer is 51311013221331522U (Form on Good is 095448)

Best in Nov, Dec and Jan – form of 1123131131522 (Feb to Oct form is 359045024U8)

Strong R-H Track form – 01112131522U (form on L-H Tracks is 5139035348) *Also has a 2nd at Fontwell’s fig. 8 chase track

Possibly doesn’t quite handle very undulating tracks – form of 0908

Other notes

Probably a handicapper at best but may be tricky to place off OR 151. A weak Grade 2/3 may be within him if conditions are in his favour.


HOLYWELL (JJ O’Neill): Updated 05/09/15

Best form comes in Jan to May – form of 32111112412143 (form in Oct to Dec is 2232U3U)

Doesn’t seem to handle Heavy ground – form of 34U

Doesn’t look at his best on a Right-Handed track – form of 43U3

Needs his first run back – form after a break of 121 days+ is 2333

Other notes

If you look at his form in Jan to May, on left-handed tracks, not on Heavy ground and running within 90 days of his last start you get a form line of 111121221143 (all 7 career victories).

Don’t be put off by any early season misfires as he is a horse that improves considerably as the season progresses.


LOOSE CHIPS (C Longsdon): Updated 05/09/15

Best form on R-H Tracks – form of 54111P1159P212 (record on L-H/Fig. 8 tracks is 40270302383)

5 of his 6 career wins have come on Soft/Heavy – form of 410311P321158P22 (form on G/S better is 542700913)

Best form in fields of 13 or less – form of 3101412152138P2123 (form of 7540P09 in 14+ fields)

Yet to win above Class 3 level – form at Class 2 + level is P0598P

Generally needs first run back – form of 03509 after a break of 60+ days

Other notes

If you look at his form on RH tracks, Soft or Heavy ground and Class 3 or less you get a form line of 1111122 (4 of his 5 career victories)

He has so far proven he isn’t quite a Class 2 or better horse and he may just be a touch better in the autumn/winter than in the spring/summer.


IRISH SAINT (P Nicholls): Updated 05/09/15

Best with cut in the ground – form of F1112130321 on G/S or worse (form of 13643 on Good ground)

Possibly not up to G1 level- form of 363243 (form of 211103F111 at G2 level or below)

Best on Right-Handed tracks – form of 110113121 (23F3643 on Left-Handed tracks)

Best in the Nov to Feb period – form of F11031212131 (4363 during March & April)

Other notes

If you look at his form in Nov to Feb, on right-handed tracks, on Good to Soft or softer and not at G1 level you get a form line of 101111 (5 of his 6 UK career victories).


CREEPY (M Keighley): Updated 05/09/15

Best on Good ground – form of 12103 (form on Good to Soft or softer is 422P4FU5514U)

Excellent record fresh – 111 when returning after a break of 121+ days

Best form has been in the Sept – Nov period – form of 1141241U(form of UP554F2032 in Dec – Apr period)

Has struggled on his 3 starts at G1 level – form of U0P

Other notes

He seems best on tracks with undulations (Cheltenham, Chepstow, Fontwell…) as all 4 career wins have come on such tracks


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