Are Don Poli and Vautour really prime fits for the 2016 Cheltenham Gold Cup?

*The answers may shock you!

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CONEYGREE upheld the Gold Cup Dosage Trends in spectacular fashion!

When it comes to strong Dosage races the Gold Cup is right up there, slap bang in the top tier.

If I had to list the top five strongest Dosage races on the National Hunt calendar then the Gold Cup would be one of the first on the list, it keeps producing the goods time and time again.

But who are the prime Dosage players for NEXT season?

Trust me when I say this, you NEED to know this information. And it's NEVER too early to have the information in your memory banks (or saved on your computer more importantly!).

Is VAUTOUR a Dosage player? Does DON POLI fit the breeding profile? Are there any long-shots lurking around with prime Dosage Profiles?

The answers may shock you...

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Happy NTF Subscribers...

A day to remember ,three singles and a Trixie fantastic stuff Ben !

Still in shock to be honest! Lol

Roy B

Great stuff today Ben. A few years subscriptions paid with that treble.

Mike A

Brilliant stuff, isn't it wonderful when the winners fire in! I’d like to say the analysis and the weekend notes are exactly why I joined NTF, win lose or draw I find them invaluable to add to my own studying. It’s as if they’re designed specifically for me! I don’t see NTF as a ‘tipping service’ I see it as an analysis service, and it works brilliantly for me.


Thank you Ben for your detailed analyses and comments on BDH (should stand for Ben Does Horses, surely!!). You are certainly one the best advisors that I have come across in over 50 years of following racing, albeit I am predominately a NH fanatic, so I’m really looking forward to your views on the coming “proper” racing season. Please keep up the good work!!

Tony C