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Hi there. I’m Ben Aitken and I’m the founder and owner of Narrowing The Field (NTF).

NTF enters it's ninth season as of the 2016/17 season and continues to grow from strength to strength.

For those of you that are new to the site and/or my racing work NTF started out life as a racing trends publication. To support the book I set up NTF the Blog (it's still here if you want to see my very early work), before moving to this, the full website version.

On a personal level I have been interested in the sport of kings for nearly 20 years and have been betting on it for almost the same amount of time.

The key to making my betting work came when I started utilizing the (much underused) Dosage Method  and combining it with race trends, both of which I have developed (and continue to develop) over a number of years. I also found my racing stepped up a gear when I started using databases on a regular basis. My current (and long-term) weapon of choice is the Proform Professional database.

I also implement a number of mini-angles and grinder-systems in my own personal betting approach, a number of which I share on NTF with the loyal readership on the free Blog, via the free service or in the exclusive NTF Members Area.

Added to this I also keep exhaustive notes on hundreds, if not thousands, of horses as I look to back horses under their own personal prime racing conditions. Again this method is often shared with the NTF readers. A handy short version of some of these notes can be found on the NTF Trend Horses page.

What is NTF?

NTF essentially falls into two categories -

1) The main website which is free to all and regularly updated with informative and in-depth Blog articles and other racing info.

2) The NTF Members Area, located within the main website.

The NTF Members Area is the subscription part of the website and this is where I provide subscribers with my unique and exhaustively sourced Race Trends analysis guides, covering around 140 of the major National Hunt races, including ALL of the major festivals.

My NTF race guides can be summed up by the following 4 statements.


  • Rapidly narrow the field of all races analysed into those with live chances and those that have a mountain to climb…

  • Deliver a handy short-list of probable winners the evening before racing…

  • Provide clear and concise selections detailing WHAT I am backing in the race and WHY… 

  • Are flexible in design and presentation to allow you, the shrewd punter, to come to your own conclusions using information that is not readily available elsewhere (if you should so wish)…

An example of one of my NTF Guides can be downloaded from the link below...

>>>Irish Hennessy Gold Cup Day 2015 - NTF Analysis

Also in the members area you will find the exclusive NTF Under The Radar Squad (UTR). This is a squad of horses that I build up throughout the course of the season, highlighting the exact conditions where they excel. These horses are then tracked and punted accordingly. These are a select bunch of horses chosen by myself from my own close scrutiny of the National Hunt game. It is a method I have employed in my personal betting for a number of years and was introduced to the members service for the 2013/14 season. The success it showed in it's first season means it will be part of the members area for many years!

The members area also includes my weekend notes. Weekend notes are my own in-depth pointers from the weekends racing, providing vast notes, thoughts and pointers to members that they can utilize to their own advantage for their own punting activities.

Away from the horses I'm currently a Scotsman residing in Yorkshire with a wife (Mrs NTF) and three rescue greyhounds ( Charlie, Minnie and Louise). I'm a keen (and sometimes good/sometimes erratic) poker player and keep fit walking those three dogs and using the various bits of gym equipment my wife seems to be accumulating through the years!!

I'm also a football and boxing fan. For my sins I support Aberdeen FC; the sleeping giants of Scottish/British football!!I'm also a big boxing fan, particularly the middle-weight to heavy-weight division.

I hope you find plenty of enjoyment on NTF and that it enhances your own betting and horse racing experience.

If you have any queries regarding NTF, or racing in general, then please do not hesitate to contact me at ben@narrowing-the-field.co.uk.

Best of racing luck - Ben (NTF)


  • brian dunn

    Reply Reply October 23, 2014

    Do you get any emails to remind me of any horses running ?

    • Ben Aitken

      Reply Reply October 23, 2014

      Hi Brian

      Full members get emails when the UTR squad have a runner, yes mate.

      Cheers – Ben (NTF)

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